By using Financial Lease you, as (starting) entrepreneur, can possess a company car, which is necessary to carry out efficient and flexible business without using your own fluid asset while benefiting (tax) profits.

During the term, you are the beneficial owner of the car. This brings the car on your balance sheet. You can lease the maximum acquisition cost excluding the VAT. As an entrepreneur and owner of the car you can reclaim the VAT paid on the invoice as tax return. As the owner of the car you can also benefit from the interest rates and depreciation costs which are tax deductible.

The benefits of financial lease:

  • Investing without liquidity loss
  • 100% leasing of the company car
  • Tax benefit: possible tax reclaim of interest and investment
  • Right to recover VAT on purchase price
  • You are the beneficial owner, the car is on your balance sheet
  • Transparent reduction and interest
  • You determined the lease duration
  • Low lease term by using final instalment
  • Acceptance without requiring annual results