About us

In the early sixties, Jan Ruinemans Steenwijk established a car company called “J. Ruinemans” with a focus to sell luxury cars. In 1973, the company was moved to Eesveen where the company is still located today. In the 80s, he realised that there were onley a few firms active in the cargo van industry. An opportunity!  Like a true entrepreneur, Jan dared to make this transition and with success!

Gradually, the company was expanded to what it is today, a modern full service dealership with workshop and about 150 cargo vans in stock.

The current owners, Jan’s two sons, Bart and Jeroen Ruinemans, grew up among cars where they learned the business from early childhood. They both also have great knowledge of cargo vans and have more interest in a rare Mercedes Sprinter than a Ferrari!. The brothers have been running the company since 2003. Under their inspiring leadership, the company has developed into a reliable partner in both selling, financing and servicing of company cars. Together with a team of six employees, which have like the brothers, the misson to let our customer do business while using a cargo van that was sold and maintained by our team with great craftmanship!

See you in Eesveen!

Bart Ruinemans & Jeroen Ruinemans